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National Coordinated Survey of Melamine in Food and Beverages

In 2008, Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), in conjunction with Australian States and Territories, conducted a survey of melamine in food and beverages that were manufactured in China and sold in Australia.

This survey was conducted in response to an international food incident linking the adulteration of raw milk with melamine and its analogues, to increased incidence of kidney stones in infants in China.

Results from this survey were previously reported in 2008 and 2009 in the Food Surveillance News, and FSANZ has now consolidated a formal report on the 'National coordinated survey of melamine in food and beverages' including risk assessment.

The survey analysed 280 foods for melamine, with results showing the presence of melamine in a small range of foods containing milk products. The levels of melamine detected were above the referral level set by FSANZ and therefore considered unsuitable. These products were promptly withdrawn from retail sale in Australia.

For further information relating to this incident and melamine generally, please refer to the FSANZ website and relevant fact sheets at:

Download: National Coordinated Survey of Melamine in Food and Beverages report (pdf 233 kb)

Page last updated 6 December 2023