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Response to studies cited as evidence of adverse effects from GM foods

(Last updated August 2018)

FSANZ monitors scientific literature and other information about GM foods. Occasionally studies are published claiming to show adverse effects from GM foods, or are interpreted by people other than the authors as being evidence of adverse effects. These studies may relate to GM foods already approved or GM foods still being researched or developed. They can also be about the technology in general.

FSANZ analyses any new information relating to GM foods that have already been assessed by us, to see if we need to revise our previous safety assessments. For studies on GM foods still being researched and developed or about the technology in general, we will analyse the new information if it causes significant public concern, or if it is relevant to our safety assessment approach.

We will generally publish our response on the FSANZ website. Occasionally, studies may also be reported in the media or via the internet that lack sufficient detail to enable analysis. In these cases, FSANZ will not comment in detail on the study findings. We will however continue to monitor all sources of relevant information for updates and further developments.

The response to studies table below includes all our responses to studies and where relevant links to more detailed information on this or other websites.

Page last updated 7 March 2024