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Fish names

The Food Standards Code does not define names for fish. The seafood industry has worked with Standards Australia to develop an Australian Fish Names Standard which provides guidance on standard fish names to be used in Australia.

You can purchase electronic or hard copies of the standard (AS -SSA 5300) from the SAI Global website.

A searchable database of Australian Fish Names is available on the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation website.

Common Māori and scientific names for fish species in New Zealand are available from the Ministry for Primary Industries website.

What can you do to ensure you get what you pay for?

Sometimes fish may be incorrectly identified at capture or wholesale, and the mistake carries on through the supply chain to consumers. To ensure you're getting what you paid for, find a reputable fishmonger/restaurant. If you're concerned that fish may be mislabelled, then contact the supplier in the first instance. If you are dissatisfied with the explanation or response,you can contact the relevant enforcement agency (below) for further action:

  • In Australia, contact the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission at or telephone 1300 302 502 (free call for Australian callers)

  • In New Zealand, contact the Ministry for Primary Industries, or 0800 00 83 33 (free call for New Zealand callers).

Page last updated 22 February 2024