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Survey of low-THC hemp seed foods


The Implementation Sub-committee for Food Regulation (ISFR) bi-nationally coordinated survey was carried out to investigate whether:

  • The low-THC hemp food products sold in Australia and New Zealand complies with the requirement in the Food Standards Code (the Code) in term of the level of THC and CBD present in the products, and
  • Labelling of the products complies with the Code. 


The survey was led by the NSW Food Authority and involved the testing of the total THC and total CBD level in hemp-based food products such as hemp seeds, hemp flour, hemp protein, hemp oil, and other food products which contain hemp as an ingredient. Products were collected across six Australian jurisdictions (New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia) and New Zealand in 2019 and 2021.

Product testing revealed that 96% of products tested in this survey complied with the total THC limits prescribed in the Code. In addition, 100% of products complied with the CBD limit in the Code. However, more than half (65%) of the products surveyed did not comply with the labelling standards in the Code. All non-compliant results were followed up by each jurisdiction in accordance with the Australia and New Zealand Food Regulation Compliance, Monitoring and Enforcement Strategy.

What's being done to manage identified issues?


There are resources available to assist industry in complying with the Code. Each jurisdiction may have a different requirement, so please refer to the information relevant to where the business is located. 

For labelling requirement, please refer to the Food Standards Code.

State Link to the factsheet
New South Wales
Low-THC hemp as food (PDF 521KB)
Northern Territory
Industrial hemp licences
Industrial hemp licences
South Australia
Low THC hemp as food (PDF 380KB)
Industrial Hemp Production in Tasmania
Guide for food businesses - Sale of low THC hemp seeds as food
Western Australia
Low-THC hemp as food
New Zealand
A Guide to Hemp Seeds as Food (521KB)


Ongoing monitoring and enforcement

Australian states and territory and New Zealand food authorities will continue to monitor the compliance of low-THC hemp food products in the market place and take action as necessary.

Key messages for consumers and industry

The low-THC hemp food products available in the market do not contain high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the active component responsible for Cannabis psychotropic effects.

It is the responsibility of manufacturers of this product to comply with all aspect of the Code, including labelling.

Need further information?

Enquiries regarding results and outcomes of the survey should be directed to the relevant jurisdictional enforcement authority.

Read the report

Page last updated 19 January 2024