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Food Industry Recall Protocol

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The Food Industry Recall Protocol provides information on recalling food in Australia and guidance for food businesses on developing a written food recall plan. A food recall is action taken to remove from distribution, sale and consumption, food which is unsafe. This means food that may cause illness or other physical harm to a person consuming the food.

The three primary objectives of a food recall are to:
  • stop the distribution and sale of the product as soon as possible
  • inform the government, the food businesses that have received the recalled food and the public (consumer level recalls only) of the problem
  • effectively and efficiently remove unsafe product from the market place.

This Protocol helps food businesses plan for and respond to a need to recall potentially unsafe food by setting out:

  • the roles and responsibilities of food businesses and government during a food recall
  • the key steps in the food recall process
  • the legal requirements for food businesses in relation to food recalls
  • important elements of a food recall plan.

Attachments provided include:

  • writing a food recall plan for your food business
  • contact details for FSANZ and state/territory food enforcement agencies
  • an explanation of how recalls are classified
  • flow diagram to assist with deciding if food should be recalled or withdrawn
  • examples of problems and suggested actions
  • examples of recall notifications and press advertisements.

Download the Food Industry Food Recall Protocol [PDF 1MB] ‚Äč


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