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Primary Production and Processing (PPP) Standards (Chapter 4)

Last updated: June 2022

NOTE: these standards apply to all food businesses in Australia only. Food businesses in New Zealand are required to comply with New Zealand’s Food Act 2014 and the regulations and standards under this Act. For more information visit the Ministry for Primary Industries website. 

Primary production and processing (PPP) standards aim to strengthen food safety and traceability throughout the food supply chain, from paddock to plate. They were developed by FSANZ with assistance from other Australian government agencies, industry stakeholders and consumer groups. 

There are six standards:



​The development of a PPP standard for Berries, Leafy Vegetables and Melons is being considered under Proposal P1052 as part of the broader review of chapters 3 and 4 of the Food Standards Code.


FSANZ is also addressing the broader issue of ensuring through-chain traceability for all commodities. Traceability requirements for all industry sectors and supply chains are being examined.


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