P1061 Code Maintenance Proposal 2023

The purpose of this proposal is to make minor amendments to the Code to: 

  • Correct  typographical errors, omissions, inconsistencies and formatting issues;
  • Update references; and
  • Remove or amend Notes in the Code in order to reflect the New Zealand Government's decision to require the mandatory addition of folic acid to all wheat flour that is sold as suitable for bread-making in New Zealand, in accordance with Standard 2.1.1 of the Code, on or from 13 August 2023.

Approval report 

Approval report - 5 May 2023 (pdf 737 kb)(word 194 kb)

Call for submissions

Call for submissions - 30 January 2023 (pdf 446 kb)(word 144 kb)

Supporting document 1 - List of proposed amendments (pdf 273 kb)(word 92.2 kb)

Submissions  (zip 456 kb)

Administrative Assessment - 19 January 2022(pdf 152 kb)(word 69.7 kb)