A1243 Harmonisation of marine biotoxin standards for bivalve shellfish

​To review the current biotoxin (DST and PST) maximum levels (MLs) for bivalve molluscs in Schedule 19 to Standard 1.4.1 of the Code, with the aim of harmonising with Codex MLs for bivalve molluscs (CXS 292-2008).​


Approval report - 3 November 2023 (pdf 537 kb)​​​

Supporting document 1 at approval - known cases (pdf 348 kb)

Supporting document 2 at approval - costs and benefits (pdf 474 kb)

Call for submissions

Call for submissions (pdf 507 kb) (word 156 kb)

Supporting document 1 - known cases (pdf 302 kb) (word 132 kb)

Supporting document 2 - costs and benefits (pdf 402 kb) (word 138 kb)


A1243 submissions (ZIP 1.73MB)

Administrative Assessment - 23 December 2021 (pdf 235 kb) (word 65.8 kb)

Executive Summary(pdf 221 kb)

Application (pdf 11.6 mb)

Application - additional information (pdf 349kb)

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