A1229 - Carboxypeptidase from GM Aspergillus oryzae as a processing aid

This applications seeks to permit the use of carboxypeptidase from genetically modified Aspergillus oryzae, as a processing aid in the manufacture and/or processing of proteins, yeast and flavourings; the manufacture of bakery products; and brewing.

Approval report

Approval report - 19 June 2023 (pdf 505 kb)(word 155 kb)

Call for submissions

Call for Submissions - 8 February 2023(pdf 365 kb)(Word 145 kb)

Supporting document 1 Risk and Technical Assessment -(pdf 351 kb)(Word 130 kb)

Submissions(zip 393 kb)

Executive Summary (pdf 122 kb)

Administrative Assessment - 8 July 2021(pdf 94 kb) (word 68.6 kb)

Application(pdf 441 kb)