A1190 - 2'-FL in infant formula and other products

The purpose of this Application is to permit 2'-fucosyllactose (2'-FL), produced by microbial fermentation using genetically modified Escherichia coli (E.coli) strains, in infant formula products, follow-on formula and formulated supplementary foods for young children (FSFYC).

Approval report

Approval report - 8 November 2021(pdf 430 kb) (word 198 kb)

Supporting document 1 at approval - Safety Assessment (pdf 486 kb) (word 270 kb)


Call for Submissions - 22 July 2021 (pdf 358 kb) (word 164 kb)

Supporting document 1 - Safety Assessment (pdf 484 kb) (word 268 kb)

Submissions (zip 2.06 mb)

Administrative Assessment Report - 25 October 2019 (pdf 297 kb) (word 62 kb)

Executive Summary (pdf 98 kb)

Application (pdf 1.60 mb)

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