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Quick Start Guide


We've designed the Nutrition Panel Calculator (NPC) to be an easy to use application. We have a simple Quick Start Guide outlining a three step process to create a Nutrition Information Panel (NIP).

Before you start, there are a few things you need to know:

  • naming your recipe - this can be anything you choose, but must be unique within your current list of available recipes. Recipe names can include any combination of letters, numbers and special characters (such as > & % #) but can't be changed once they have been saved.
  • the ingredients and amounts you use in your recipe
  • details of any custom ingredients you plan to add
  • your final recipe batch weight
  • the serve size and serves per package of your final product.

NPC Tip: When you're selecting ingredients and adding amounts, there is no need to select enter or save. The calculations take place automatically. You will see the results of the calculations change as you enter or edit the ingredient amounts.

Download the Quick start guide (PDF 701 kb)

Further instructions

If you need further information, read our full user guide.

Page last updated 6 December 2023