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Australian Public Service employee census 2023

​​​​The Australian Public Service (APS) Employee Census is a yearly survey that gathers insights into how employees perceive the APS, their specific agency, and their workplace. It helps agencies to identify and target strategies to build and enhance capability in the workplace.

The 2023 APS Census results for Food Standards Australia New Zealand can be found at the bottom of this page.

We're pleased to report an excellent response to the Census, with a 91 percent participation rate among staff. Additionally, we've maintained a solid positive engagement index of 73.

The Census results ​aid us in recognising areas of excellence, identifying opportunities for further development, and tracking our progress on organisational strategies, initiatives, and workplace culture. The results are also compared to previous years and the overall APS score of participating agencies.

Working collaboratively with all staff, we've identified key focus areas for the current financial year. These focus areas, namely wellbeing, innovation, SES manager, and communication, have been compiled into the following Action Plan. 

​Focus area

Action steps


  • ​Executive to set and communicate priority areas of focus for 2023-24
  • Support managers to have workload management conversations with staff
  • Wellbeing to be included on section/branch meeting agendas as a standing item


  • ​Streamline Clearance Processes and Peer Review
  • Pilot a new project management tool to provide visibility on application and proposals workload
  • Streamline technical scientific reports

SES Manager and Communication

  • ​Weekly Executive meeting outcomes to be distributed to all staff to improve accountability
  • On a monthly basis Executive to consider progress against Priority Tracker to manage workload and resources effectively
  • Once a month the EL2 cohort is invited to sit in on the Executive meeting to contribute to discussions​


Page last updated 6 December 2023