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Our science

Our vision is to ensure a safe food supply that supports the health of people in Australia and New Zealand. To achieve this, FSANZ develops food standards in collaboration with Australian and New Zealand governments.

A risk analysis framework is used to ensure food regulatory measures are based on the best available scientific evidence. The successful application of science is critical to the effectiveness and appropriateness of food regulatory measures, and underpins the risk management decision making process.

Technical publications and research reports are available in our science publications section. FSANZ has also developed responses to studies citing adverse effects from genetically modified foods.

Scientific expertise



FSANZ has a broad range of in-house scientific skills.

Science publications



Access a range of scientific publications.

Monitoring the safety of our food supply


FSANZ and other government agencies in Australia and New Zealand monitor the food supply to ensure that it is safe.

Science Strategy



FSANZ implements a Science Strategy which outlines a strategic approach to ensuring our scientific capability.

Risk analysis



FSANZ uses the widely accepted framework of risk analysis when considering risks associated with food.

Monitoring nutrients in our food supply


FSANZ, together with some other groups, monitors nutrients in the Australian food supply.


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