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Safe Food Australia - A guide to the Food Safety Standards

(November 2016)

Safe Food Australia is a guide to the three mandatory food safety standards: 
  • Standard 3.1.1 Interpretation and Application
  • Standard 3.2.2 Food Safety Practices and General Requirements, and
  • Standard 3.2.3 Food Premises and Equipment.
It is primarily aimed at government agencies responsible for enforcing the standards. Food businesses may also find it offers helpful information about the standards and food safety issues.
FSANZ reviewed Safe Food Australia to ensure it addresses current food safety issues and trends, contains up-to-date evidence and references and provides information targeted for temporary and mobile vendors and for home-based businesses.

Hard copies available for purchase 

We have run out of hard copies of this publication and are currently arranging a new print run. If you would like to go on the waiting list for copies please email

You can download a fully searchable pdf and/or print a copy from the links below.

3rd Edition, November 2016

Download the complete guide [PDF 3.5MB]

Safe Food Australia review process

The public consultation document for the review of Safe Food Australia is available here [PDF 60.3KB] [Word 78.3KB].
Public submissions are available below.


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