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Food allergen portal

Food allergies can be life threatening. For people who have a food allergy the only way to manage the allergy is to avoid the food allergen.

For this reason there are laws in place, for example mandatory labelling requirements to help people who have a food allergy avoid food allergens.

Many sectors in the community also have a role in assisting in managing food allergies including the food industry, health professionals, and schools.

This food allergen portal was created by the Allergen Collaboration to provide different sectors in the community with links to best practice food allergen resources and key messages to promote in the different sectors.

If you have a resource you would like added to the portal please contact

Latest Australian food recalls due to undeclared allergens

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Sweet Bondi Tapioca Coconut Milk Puddings - Mango, Raspberry and Plain Flavours

Sweet Bondi Pty Ltd
The presence of an undeclared allergen (milk).

Coles Sugar Free Dark Chocolates

Coles Supermarkets
The presence of undeclared allergen – milk

Macro Chinese Honey Soy Flavoured Tofu

Nutrisoy Pty Ltd
Presence of an undeclared allergen (peanut)

Home Ice Cream Coconutters Mango Vanilla

Home Ice Cream
Undeclared allergen (milk)

Macro Natural Sunflower Kernels 500g

Woolworths Limited
The presence of an undeclared allergen (tree nut - walnut).
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