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(January 2013)

FSANZ - Survey of inorganic arsenic in seaweed and seaweed-containing products available in Australia

A small survey investigating levels of inorganic arsenic in dried seaweed and products containing seaweed available in Australia.

(September 2012)

NSW Food Authority - Ready-to-eat nuts & nut products, Australia

The NSW Food Authority has published a survey on the prevalence of Salmonella and E. coli in ready-to-eat nuts and their products sold in Australia.

(July 2012)

NZ MPI - Sulphites and labelling of imported wine

The New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries has conducted a survey to assess the general compliance with labelling and sulphite requirements of imported wines as set out in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

DAFF BiosecurityImported Food Inspection Scheme

A report on inspection activity under the Imported Food Inspection Scheme during July to December 2011 has been published. Summaries of inspection activity since July 2006 are also available.

NZ MPIIodine fortification survey

The New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries has released its first post-fortification analytical survey on the iodine content of bread for sale in New Zealand. It found that children’s iodine intake has been significantly improved by bread fortification.

(June 2012)

FSANZ - Supplementary report to the 2008 Survey of added colours in foods available in Australia.

The report provides up-to-date data on colours in Australian foods.

FSANZ - Survey of sulphites in sausages, cordial and dried fruit - sulphites fact sheet and article.

Sulphites are food additives that are permitted in certain foods and beverages. This report presents the results of a survey of sulphite levels in sausages, cordial and dried fruit.

ACT - Microbiological Quality of ACT Bakery Products

Bakery products are widely available in the ACT with bakers selling an extensive variety, ranging from apple slices to meat pies. The survey of bakery products was under taken by ACT Health.

SA - Additives in Cheese Products (Food Act Report 2009/2010 – Appendix XI)

This additives survey was conducted to assess the chemical safety of cheese products and conformity to other requirements of the Food Standards Code, with a focus on products specifically marketed at children.

Victoria - Microbiological surveillance of raw egg products

Raw egg products are frequently linked to foodborne illness, and the Gippsland regional sampling group aimed to assess the microbiological safety of these products in their region of Victoria.

Victoria - Microbiological Surveillance of hot meat meals served in Aged Care facilities

This survey was conducted as a result of 3 food borne outbreaks at aged care facilities in the North Western Metropolitan region of Victoria being attributed to Clostridium perfringens during the 1st quarter of 2010.

Hong Kong’s -1st Total Diet Study

Hong Kong conducted its first Total Diet Study (TDS), with results released in phases. The first report was released in December 2011 and focused on Dioxins and Dioxin-like Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs). Other reports focussed on inorganic Arsenic (February 2012), Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs)( April 2012), Pesticide Residues (June 2012), Metallic Contaminants (January 2013) and Acrylamide (July 2013).


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