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Risk communication

(January 2014)

Risk communication involves the interactive exchange of information about risk between risk assessors and risk managers, and among FSANZ staff, news media, interested groups and the general public. It is one component of the FSANZ risk analysis framework, the other two being risk assessment and risk management

Risk communication, begins at the earliest stages of a potential food-related health and safety issue. This is to ensure that appropriate strategies can be developed to communicate information internally and externally, including to consumers.
In the FSANZ risk analysis framework, risk communication is considered in both risk assessment and risk management. The interactive and ongoing exchange of information and opinions quickly between the risk assessors and risk managers involved in risk analysis is vital for successful outcomes.
Communication with external stakeholders, including the broader community, is also essential to inform FSANZ’s decision-making processes and to ensure transparency, trust and a high level of confidence in the food regulatory system.
Read more about FSANZ’s risk communication process in the Risk Analysis in Food Regulation publication.



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