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AUSNUT 2011–13 dietary supplement nutrient database

The dietary supplement nutrient database contains information on the nutrient content of each of the 2,163 dietary supplements consumed during the 2011–13 Australian Health Survey (AHS), as set out in Table 7.

The file contains 35 nutrient values reported for each dietary supplement. Each nutrient value is presented on a per dosage unit basis.

Table 7: Summary of information included in the Dietary Supplement File

Column Heading
Description of data
Dietary Supplement ID AHS specific numeric dietary supplement identification code.
Classification code AHS specific 5-digit numeric classification code
Dietary Supplement Name General name used to describe the dietary supplement. May include information on the general category description, brand and dose.
Nutrient Name (units) Describes the full nutrient name of each of the nutrients e.g. 'Calcium' and includes the units the nutrient is presented in e.g. '(mg)' for milligrams. A value is then provided for each dietary supplement and nutrient.



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