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Student research project program

Page last updated August 2021

Each year, Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) provides universities with student project ideas. We aim to work with the universities to develop proposals for projects that will help inform our work.

FSANZ also works with the Australian Government’s National Measurement Institute (NMI) on student research projects that are of mutual interest. This collaboration allows for projects that have capacity for an analytical or laboratory component to be considered and supported collaboratively with the NMI scientists.

Information for applicants

FSANZ student research projects are available year round. We encourage students to contact FSANZ to discuss other project ideas.

A FSANZ staff member with expertise in the student research project topic will act as an advisor to help students throughout the project. Students are required to submit a final research report to FSANZ and will be offered the opportunity to present on their research findings to FSANZ staff.

Students are encouraged to contact the FSANZ Student Projects mailbox. Alternatively, students can contact one of the contact officers in the list of projects to discuss projects of similar relevance. Read more about applying to undertake a student project.

How to apply

To begin an application the student and/or supervisor should contact the FSANZ Student Projects mailbox expressing their interest in undertaking a student project.

They will be put in contact with the appropriate FSANZ staff member to discuss their eligibility to undertake the project and to develop a project proposal, the outcomes of which will be of benefit to both the student and FSANZ. Once there is informal agreement on the project, students are required to complete the FSANZ Student Research Project Program – Project​ application form (word 88kb)​.

Once applications are approved students need to complete the FSANZ Student Research Project Agreement form (word 86kb)​ before the project can start.

About the program

The FSANZ student research project program incorporates scientific research from academic institutions into the work priorities of FSANZ.

It provides students with an opportunity to gain research experience working alongside staff from Australia and New Zealand’s food regulatory agency. In participating, students can extend their knowledge of food regulatory science, focusing on one or more of the following areas:

  • food microbiology
  • chemical and toxicological sciences
  • food technology
  • food safety
  • social and behavioural sciences
  • economics
  • communications and science
  • nutrition and/or dietetics
  • regulatory analysis.

Participation is open to undergraduate students, including honours, and masters/postgraduate students. The FSANZ student research program is open to students from both Australian and international universities.

View a list of student research projects completed since 2013


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