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External reviews of our work (peer review)

(June 2017)

Statutory requirements

Our statutory consultation process requires us to consult widely on the scientific assessment reports associated with developing and reviewing food standards. This provides us with a valuable opportunity to obtain the expert views from scientists throughout Australia, New Zealand and internationally. Public submissions can provide additional information that may lead us to re-assess aspects of the scientific analysis.

Formal peer review

FSANZ commissions external peer reviews of key scientific risk assessments and other outputs (such as surveys). This may be done through individual experts or an expert panel or committee. External peer review of this type is usually sought on more complex scientific issues. This ensures our scientific output is of a high standard and continues to meet the objectives outlined in the FSANZ Act.

Under the current and previous Science Strategies​​​, we have subjected a number of our scientific processes to external peer review including:

These peer reviews provide a rigorous critique of the processes we use in undertaking food regulatory science, including identifying areas for improvement in the processes we use.

We will continue to subject our scientific outputs and processes to peer review, and in doing so further develop the tools used in our food regulatory science.​​


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