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On-going Food Label Monitoring Survey in Australia and New Zealand No 17

Report ‘Assessment of 2005 Labels for Key Mandatory Labelling Elements for Consistency against Labelling Provisions (Phase 2 Report)’

Evaluation Report Series No. 17

Label monitoring surveys have been commissioned by FSANZ since 2002 to assess how food manufacturers are managing key labelling requirements set out in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (the Code). Correct labelling is a key objective of the FSANZ Act 1991 to ensure consumers have adequate information to help them make informed choices.

The results of this ongoing survey will assist FSANZ assess the effectiveness of current labelling regulatory measures and also provide evidence to inform future decisions on labelling laws, as part of the standards development process.

This report covers a survey of 1399 food labels collected in Australia and New Zealand in 2005 to determine the degree of consistency with the labelling requirements of the Code for 12 key label elements and, where labels were inconsistent with the Code, the nature of the inconsistency with labelling provisions for those label elements assessed. The survey also enabled the gathering of data on other label information of interest.

The report presents the results from the assessment of labels collected in 2005 and, where possible, compares them with results from an earlier label collection in 2003 (findings presented in Evaluation Report Series No. 10 ‘Food Labelling Monitoring Survey: Phase 1 Pilot Report’).

It should be noted ongoing label monitoring surveys are not being conducted for enforcement purposes, as this is the responsibility of the governments of Australia and New Zealand and the Australian States and Territories, and not FSANZ.

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