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Health Claims - Qualitative (No.12)

Evaluation Report Series No. 12

This study was conducted as the first of a two-part project to collect baseline data from consumers on how nutrition, health and related claims (refer Appendix A) are perceived, and the extent to which currently available claims are used in making food choices in the context of their whole diet. The component of the study reported here is the preliminary qualitative research. This research project is intended to provide useful information for the development of standards for nutrition, health and related claims as well as provide baseline data for future evaluation purposes. As health claims are currently not permitted (except for a folate/neural tube defect claim), and there may be nutrition claims used in the future that are not currently seen in the market place, all subsequent reference to nutrition and heath-related claims should therefore be taken as referring to both current and potential claims.

Appendixes [ pdf 87 kb ]


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