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Food labelling issues: Stakeholder research

June 2002

This study was conducted to gain qualitative data from key stakeholder groups about the food labelling provisions in the new Joint Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. The Australia New Zealand Food Authority commissioned NFO Donovan Research to conduct the study, which was undertaken in Australia and New Zealand during February 2002.

The ' Food Labelling Issues - Stakeholder Qualitative Research' study, together with the preceding study ' Food Labelling Issues - Consumer Qualitative Research' was conducted to inform a follow-up quantitative benchmark research to support one of six activities identified in the ANZFA Evaluation Strategy. These activities aim to collect baseline data either prior to the adoption of new food standards or during the transition period from the old Food Standards Code to the new Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. The baseline data will be used by ANZFA as a benchmark to evaluate the impact of implementing new regulatory measures on key stakeholders.

Qualitative research with stakeholders

Full Report [ PDF 625 kb ]

Part I - Overview [ PDF 144 kb ]

1 Executive Summary
2 Background
3 Methodology
4 Interpretative Summary and Recommendations

Part II - Detailed Results

5 Health Professionals [ PDF 120 kb ]

Input to the research was sought from four key health professional stakeholder groups: dietitians and nutritionists, GPs, alternative health practitioners ( naturopaths and homeopaths) and public health nutritionists working for government and non-government organisations. The findings for each group are discussed in turn.

6 Food Industry [ PDF 85 kb]

A range of stakeholders within the food industry took part in in-depth face to face interviews. These included: Larger Food Manufacturers; Small Food Manufacturers; Food Retailers; and Food Service Establishments. Due to the differences between businesses, the format of the interview varied.

7 Enforcement Stakeholders [ PDF 64 kb]

In Australia, the inspection and enforcement of food labelling was undertaken by either or both local councils and state health authorities, depending on the jurisdiction. In New Zealand, responsibility for food labelling was undertaken by the Public Health Officers located within local councils, but employed by the Ministry of Health.

Part III - [ PDF 20 kb]

8 The need for comsumer education
9 Technical and Background Notes
10 Feedback from research participants

Full Report [ PDF 625 kb ]


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