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Food Labelling Issues - Consumer Research

(December 2001)

In 2001, NFO Donovan Research was commissioned to undertake qualitative research on labelling issues.

The research found that consumers generally had a good appreciation of the range of information that is available on packaged foods. This information was used primarily to assist in determining product choice while shopping and to learn more about selected products and to seek reassurance that it was a 'safe choice'.

The research project on labelling issues covered a range of stakeholder groups including consumers, the food industry, health professionals, government enforcement officers and their perspectives on labelling issues. The project was divided into two stages and used qualitative research methods, such as focus groups, to determine opinions on labelling issues.

The first stage of the project involved consumers and what particular information on the food label was important to them and why. The second stage explored the opinions of other stakeholders from the food industry, health professionals and enforcement officers. 

Download the Full Report - No Appendices (pdf 554 Kb) (Appendices)

Appendix A, B and C [ PDF format 111 kb ]

Appendix A - Discussion Guide
Appendix B - In-Store Questionnaire
Appendix C - Group Task Sheets

Appendix D - Photographic Stimuli [ PDF format 325 kb ]


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