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Benchmark research on the Poultry Meat Industry (11)

In 2004, FSANZ commissioned Colmar Brunton Social Research to conduct quantitative telephone interviews to collect data on the awareness, knowledge and behaviour of key stakeholders in preparation for the implementation of the Primary Production and Processing Standard for Poultry Meat. The key stakeholder groups (and sample sizes) for the research included:

  • the poultry meat industry including poultry growers (n=157), processors (n=141), and wholesalers and retailers (n=181),
  • government enforcement officers at the state (n=49) and local government level (n=72), and
  • consumers (n=400).

Stakeholders were asked questions about their awareness and knowledge of food safety practices and sources of information on food safety issues. Additional questions were also asked of enforcement officers and food industry and enforcement officers.

This research was conducted as part of the FSANZ Evaluation Strategy 2001-2003. research conducted as a part of the Evaluation Strategy





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