‚ÄčEach year we are required to report on our performance to Government and the community. We do this through two key documents; our Corporate Plan and Annual Report. Our Corporate Plan describes who we are, what we do and our goals for the year ahead. At the end of each financial year we prepare an Annual Report that shows the results against the goals set out in our Corporate Plan and the factors that influenced their achievement.

In response to new requirements for Commonwealth government agencies we recently reviewed our performance reporting. The review looked at ways to make our performance measures clearer and set specific measurable targets that we could use to track our success year on year. Our aim with this work is to provide a clear line of sight between what we plan to do and what we have achieved.

We established a project team to develop a set of quantitative performance measures that could be monitored over time, or compared against set targets. A recognised method for establishing meaningful and feasible performance measures was used. Our new measures are aligned with the strategic direction outlined in our 2019-20 Corporate Plan.

We recognise quantitative measures alone may not provide the level of detail needed to provide a total view of our performance. Our role in a complex food regulatory system that involves many stakeholders means complementary qualitative information is also needed.

For this reporting period we have selected a number of case studies as examples of performance for each work areas.

The results for the 2019-20 financial year show we are achieving meeting our goal to process Applications and Proposals in a timely and consistent manner, and we continue to meet expectations in the role of coordinating the food regulatory system. While there is a moderately high proportion of Australia and New Zealand consumers who trust food labels, there is still room for improvement, as well as in improving levels of consumer confidence in FSANZ. Results show stakeholders continue to be satisfied with our engagement with them and continue to see us as a trusted source of information on food.

This is our first report on performance for 2019-20 using our new performance measures. As this is the first year data has been collected, the primary aim has been to establish a baseline across all areas for comparison in subsequent reporting periods.  Looking ahead, we will continue to explore opportunities to improve our performance through two-way exchanges with our stakeholders so that we can continue to meet their needs.

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