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Each year Commonwealth agencies are required to develop corporate plans that state the purpose or objectives of the agency, the activities that the agency intends to undertake to meet those objectives, and performance measures that will demonstrate that the agency has delivered on those intentions. Annual reports are a key publication of the Commonwealth's reporting framework and describe the agency's performance information, as outlined in the corporate plan. This includes but is not limited to, information against performance criteria related to specific targets identified in the Portfolio Budget Statement (PBS).

To address recent changes in performance reporting requirements for Commonwealth agencies, FSANZ undertook a project in 2018 to develop a set of specific performance measures that would support new strategic directions, measure our performance, and determine the impact we have towards our goals. These performance measures cover a broad range of our work areas (beyond PBS targets and criteria) to enable us to better tell our performance story.

The 2019-20 Corporate Plan laid out four goals for the agency:

  • A high degree of consumer confidence in the quality and safety of food produced, processed, sold or exported from Australia and New Zealand
  • An effective transparent and accountable regulatory framework within which the food industry can work efficiently
  • The provision of adequate information relating to food to enable consumers to make informed choices
  • The establishment of common rules for both countries and the promotion of consistency between domestic and international food regulatory measures without reducing the safeguards that apply to public health and consumer protection.

To achieve these goals we develop food standards that are informed by the best available scientific evidence, provide information to stakeholders about food standards, and coordinate aspects of the food regulatory system. Evidence of achieving these goals would be drawn from specific measures developed across seven performance areas that we identified in the Corporate Plan:

FSANZ Performance Areas

  1. Consumer trust in food labels and in the food regulatory system
  2. Regulatory science
  3. Communication to stakeholders
  4. Enagement with our stakeholders
  5. Staff engagement and workplace culture
  6. Management and completion of applications and proposals
  7. Coordination of food recalls

In developing performance measures in these seven areas, the following principles were applied:

  • For each area, we focussed on a small number of well targeted and defined performance measures.
  • Performance measures would be specific and measurable so that meaningful conclusions could be made and to ensure we are accountable to set outcomes.
  • The performance measures would be founded on existing resources and data sources.
  • Targets would be used where possible and would be clearly defined in terms of data sources, and consistently phrased in either positive or negative terms.
  • Where targets were not possible, the measure would be designed to be monitored over time and allow conclusions to be drawn from year to year.

This paper presents the specific measures designed for our seven performance areas as well as the first set of results against these measures. These results will be used for our forward planning and will allow us to identify opportunities to continue to improve our performance.

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