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Chapter 3 - Information: Collect and provide food related information and provide food related advice

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Food safety hub

The food safety hub provides a single access point from our website’s home page to food safety web pages:

  • standards, guides and other information
  • food recalls, incidents and consumer advice
  • food safety culture
  • featured content.

In 2017–18 FSANZ published an “Infobite” series for food businesses on our website with key information on the food safety standards in the Code and practical tips to reduce food safety risks. The Infobites are based on the updated edition of Safe Food Australia, a widely used guide book

We also published website information about the seven bacteria, three viruses and a seafood toxin that cause foodborne illness.

Notification Circulars

Our Notification Circulars include notices that are required to be given to the public, submitters and appropriate government agencies under the FSANZ Act. Stakeholders, including applicants, submitters or those who have indicated an interest in a particular application or proposal mentioned in a circular are advised of its publication. Circulars may also mention other matters of interest to our stakeholders. We maintain a subscription list of more than 6000 stakeholders who have registered to receive alerts when a circular is published on the FSANZ website.

Table 11: Notification circulars published
2013–14 27
2014–15 28
2015–16 36
2016–17 31
2017–18 37

Sugar labelling

In November 2017, the Australia New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation considered a stage 1 program of work which included evidence gathered by us on consumer understanding and behaviour with respect to sugar and sugar labelling approaches in other countries.

Based on this, ministers asked the Food Regulation Standing Committee (FRSC) to develop regulatory and non-regulatory policy options for sugar labelling.

On behalf of FRSC, FSANZ has been co-leading this work with the Australian Government Department of Health. A consultation paper including a range of policy options was approved by the Forum with public consultation expected in July to September 2018.

Information relating to standards development

During the year FSANZ published information relating to a number of standards under consideration and others that came into effect this year. Some of this information was published to address confusion or misinformation about an application or proposal. However the bulk of the information was provided to ensure stakeholders had access to easy to understand information about standards of interest. Information was published about:

  • protein glutaminase
  • two applications on food genetically modified to have enhanced nutrition traits
  • the plain English allergen labelling proposal
  • infant formula proposal
  • mandatory labelling for lupins.

Nutrition Panel Calculator (NPC)

The NPC provides the food industry and other users with a readily available easy-to-use interactive tool for preparing nutrition information panels, to make it easier to meet the labelling requirements of the Food Standards Code. In 2017–18, the calculator continued to be one of the most popular features of FSANZ’s website. This year, on average, there were 15,000 hits on the NPC landing page each month, by approximately 9800 unique users.


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