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Appendix 8: Categories of documents held


Documents relating to administration include personnel, finance, property and resource management records.


FSANZ holds copies of the following agreements:

  • the Agreement between the Commonwealth of Australia, the States, the Northern Territory of Australia and the Australian Capital Territory in relation to the adoption of uniform food standards (2000)
  • the Agreement between the Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand establishing a system for the development of joint food standards, which was signed in 1995 and came into effect in 1996. (This document can be found on the Internet under the Australian Treaty Series 1996 Number 12. This link is available from the our website at together with links to all relevant legislation.

Food recalls

A full list of the products involved and the reasons for each recall are given in an end-of-year food recall report. A summary appears in this annual report at page 56.

Briefs, submissions and reports

We prepare and hold copies of briefing papers, submissions and reports relevant to specific functions. Briefing papers and submissions include those prepared for ministers, Australia and New Zealand Food Regulation Ministerial Council, Food Regulation Standing Committee, Implementation Sub Committee on Food Regulation and other committees.


We maintain a wide range of computer databases to support our information and processing needs, including the Australian Nutrient Databank and our dietary modelling software (DIAMOND). All are held in our Canberra office.


Both paper-based and computer-based records are maintained on FSANZ's activities. They primarily relate to the processing of applications or proposals associated with a draft standard or a draft variation to a standard. While most of these records are held in our Canberra office, some are held in the Wellington office.

Finance documents

We maintain a series of documents relating to FSANZ financial management, including our chart of accounts, expenditure and revenue ledgers and appropriation ledger.

Freedom of information enquiries

Initial enquiries concerning access to documents under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 should be directed to the FOI coordinator at or on (02) 6271 2222.

Mailing lists

We maintain, for our own use, mailing lists to disseminate information to key stakeholders and interested individuals. Documents distributed through this list include FSANZ annual reports, Food Standards News, Food Surveillance Newsletter, information circulars, information summaries, Explanatory Notes and Statements of Reason.

Maps and plans

Maps and plans held are mainly working drawings, plans and specifications for our offices.

Public Register

We maintain a Public Register of documents for all applications and proposals. Applications, public submissions and other associated material (with the exception of any commercially confidential material or other confidential information), as well as relevant FSANZ documents are placed on the Public Register file.

The Public Register files are now generally available electronically. Members of the public wishing to access files no longer have to come to the Canberra or Wellington offices to view the documents.

Public Register files can be inspected for an administrative charge with five working days notice. In Australia, the charge is: 1 file AU$110; 2–4 files AU$145; and 5 or more files AU$180. Additional fees are charged for copying, postage and CDs. The charge may be partially or fully waived for academic institutions, private individuals, community, consumer or non-profit organisations.

Review and research

Documents relating to policy review, dietary surveys, labelling research and organisational and communications reviews are held in our Canberra office.

Media releases

All media releases are available on request. They can also be accessed from the FSANZ website at


See Appendix 7 for a list of current publications.


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