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Guide to the report

This report has been prepared following the requirements of the Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act 1997 and s. 152 of the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991.

The Chief Executive Officer's review provides a perspective on the past year and an outlook for the year ahead.

The Corporate overview provides a snapshot of our role and functions, how we are organised and the processes involved in our decision-making. It also provides a summary of our financial performance.

Priorities and performance 2012–13 summarises the year's activities against the key strategic imperatives and performance measures identified in the Portfolio Budget Statements for the health portfolio.

The main text of the report details outputs and outcomes in 2012–13 under the three strategic imperatives of our Corporate Plan—Food standards and practices, Regulation and management of food risks, and Collecting and providing relevant consumer information.

Food standards and practices describes outputs associated with developing new standards or varying existing standards and initiatives taken by FSANZ to improve standards development outcomes.

Regulation and management of food risks documents FSANZ's processes for obtaining the best available scientific evidence to support standard setting, monitor food hazards and manage failures of food safety.

Collecting and providing relevant consumer information reports on the agency's work to support broader government priorities in providing consumers with the information necessary to make informed purchasing decisions.

We also report on the key enablers in the Corporate Plan: Science, People, Communication, Governance and process and Anticipation.

Appendixes to the report contain detailed information on a number of mandatory reporting requirements and other areas of interest.

Additional information

You can obtain information on the projects and activities described in this report from the Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Lorraine Belanger, on +61 2 6271 2147 or For information on the FSANZ Annual Report 2012–13, please contact the managing editor, Dr Michael Dack, on +61 2 6271 2239 or An electronic version of this report and other FSANZ publications can be accessed from the FSANZ website at


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