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Message from the CEO

​​​​​(October 2019)

As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), I am delighted to present our Regulatory Science Strategy 2019‒23 (the Strategy).

Science is a critical core competency that underpins our ability to achieve our purpose. High quality regulatory science is based on the best available evidence, incorporates information from numerous disciplines and forms the foundation for our evidence-based regulatory decision-making that protects people from hazards that may arise from food.

We are proud to be recognised as leaders in regulatory science. Our people have a unique combination of extensive scientific expertise and technical capabilities, who work together and share expert knowledge and solve complex regulatory problems.

This forward looking strategy ensures we remain prepared to respond to the challenges of global trends and emerging risks in a dynamic food system. It positions us as a trusted coordinator of credible information on food safety, and ensures that the risk analysis framework remains appropriate to respond to the challenges of a changing food system. It supports us to maintain a high level of consumer protection and gives consumers a high level of confidence in the safety of food in Australia and New Zealand.

Importantly, the Strategy outlines how we will continue to align our work in Ministerial priority areas, and sets out our plan to grow our scientific and risk analysis capabilities, scientific evidence base and risk assessment methodologies. Our capabilities enable us to remain flexible and agile in meeting the needs of a constantly evolving food production system, for the benefit of food producers, manufacturers and consumers.

Through this ambitious strategy, FSANZ will build stronger links with academia and industry, further leverage resources through strategic partnerships and communicate our science to meet the needs of all of our stakeholders. It maintains FSANZ at the forefront of regulatory science for food and our brand as a guarantee of the highest quality scientific standards and trusted advice.

Mark Booth
Chief Executive Officer
October 2019

About us

FSANZ is an independent statutory agency established by the FSANZ Act 1991, and is part of the Australian Government's Health portfolio[1].

Our goals are to enable consumer confidence, support a robust food industry, provide information and promote consistency between domestic and international food regulatory measures while protecting public health. We do this by developing food standards that are informed by the best available scientific evidence, providing food standards information and coordinating aspects of the food regulatory system. FSANZ does not play a role in the enforcement of the standards throughout the food chain.

The food regulation system is complex and is the responsibility of national (Australia and New Zealand) and state and territory governments. FSANZ is governed by the Ministers Responsible for Food Regulation, who have set three priorities[2] to further strengthen the food regulation system during 2017–21: reducing foodborne illness, particularly related to Campylobacter and Salmonella, supporting public health objectives to reduce chronic disease related to overweight and obesity, and maintaining a strong, robust and agile food regulation system. As a key component of the system, FSANZ has a significant role in delivering on these priorities.

Over the past couple of years, support has been expressed for a review across government and industry to ensure that the food regulation system remains fit-for-purpose. Having a central role, FSANZ is well placed with expertise, experience and established networks to support this change. In light of this, FSANZ is considering its legislation and how we can leverage core expertise to effectively support the system in the context of changing technologies and expectations.

Our Corporate Plan[3] provides the overarching framework for all of our activities. It describes strategic directions for the agency under three broad and interdependent themes: a trusted leader, deeply engaged with stakeholders, and independent contributor to a robust and agile food regulatory system. Four key enablers to achieve performance are described in the Corporate Plan: regulatory science, people, communication, and governance.





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