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Importance of high quality science to the food regulatory system

​​​​​(October 2019)

A strong scientific evidence base is essential for ensuring confidence that food across Australia and New Zealand is suitable and safe to consume as part of a normal diet. It safeguards a sustainable food supply, prevents consumers from being misled, and facilitates domestic and international trade by reducing uncertainty and commercial risk.

In 2018–19, we undertook consultation with key stakeholders around the role of FSANZ in the regulatory system in Australia and New Zealand.

Our stakeholders told us that an independent and scientifically credible standards setting agency lies at the core of the food regulatory system. Our scientific capability is critical for enabling the food regulatory system to meet the system objectives to deliver robust standards that ensure safe food.

Key to that success is continuing to develop and maintain scientific expertise, managing access to data sources effectively and expanding our strategic partnerships with other organisations such as universities and research institutions.

Ultimately, our science and standards support all consumers every day through enabling all people to make confident food choices, experience food from across the world and enjoy the many other benefits from a safe food supply.


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