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Sports Foods Consumption in Australia and New Zealand (2013)

(July 2017)

The quantitative research described in this report is the second of two related pieces of work undertaken by FSANZ with users of sports-related food products. The initial research, undertaken in mid-2010, used a set of focus groups to provide qualitative information on consumer attitudes and behaviours towards sports-related food products. This research assisted in scoping and designing the current research.

This piece of research, conducted in 2012, used a telephone survey to collect data from a simple random sample of Australians and New Zealanders aged 15 years or older to understand the socio-demographic characteristics and consumption behaviours of sports-related food products. Respondents either answered a short or long form survey based on whether they had or had not used sports food products in the previous 4 weeks. In Australia there were 5,001 interviews completed and 5,002 interviews were completed in New Zealand. The research informs the review of Standard 2.9.4 – Formulated Supplementary Sports Foods.​


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