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Imported food risk statement - Ready-to-eat berries and hepatitis A virus

(May 2015)
FSANZ has completed a risk statement on hepatitis A virus and imported ready-to-eat (RTE) berries. This statement has been given to the Department of Agriculture which is the enforcement agency for imported food.
FSANZ uses an internationally recognised approach when assessing food safety risks which involves looking at: 
  •  the likelihood of a food safety issue occurring
  •  the consequence of the food safety issue.
We also look at mitigating factors, e.g. is the product going to be cooked or practices and procedures that can mitigate risk further.
Read more about our risk assessment process in Risk Analysis in Food Regulation

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Risk statement conclusion

The risk statement concluded that, hepatitis A virus in RTE berries produced and handled under Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Hygienic Practices (GHP) is not a medium to high risk to public health.


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