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Formulated Beverages Survey

FSANZ commissioned Roy Morgan Research to conduct this research to inform FSANZ’s response to the Australia and New Zealand Food Regulation Ministerial Council (Ministerial Council) request for a First Review of Application A470 – Formulated Beverages. FSANZ recommended amending the Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code to create a category of beverages known as Formulated Beverages.

The objective of this research were to:

  • seek information regarding the likely responses of consumers to this group of beverages,
  • acquire data to demonstrate likely patterns and levels of Formulated Beverage consumption,
  • understand the motivations behind decisions to consume or not consume,
  • determine the extent to which Formulated Beverages will potentially replace tap or bottled water thereby increasing sugar consumption and contributing to obesity, and
  • find out how (potential) consumers view these products in terms of their ‘healthiness’ and levels of sugar / energy and if they are able to accurately assess products relative to other non-alcoholic beverages.

The sample was drawn from members of the Roy Morgan Research Online Panel, and resulted in a total of n=2,091 respondents (n=1,281 from Australia and n=810 from New Zealand).

Formulated Beverages Survey (word 1279kb) | (pdf 1399kb)


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