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Food recall on soft cheeses

Date: 18/01/2013

Food Standards Australia New Zealand today released details of recalled Jindi cheeses.

The recall, which involves a variety of brands sold in different packaging, follows an announcement by Victoria’s acting Chief Health Officer, Dr Michael Ackland that more cases of illness had been linked to soft and semi-soft cheese products.

Dr Ackland said there were now 18 cases of listeria infection nationally, and a link to batches of Jindi manufactured cheeses sold at delicatessens and supermarkets had been identified.

The Jindi Cheese company is now recalling all its cheeses manufactured up to and including 6 January which have a range of best before dates under a range of brand names.

Victorian Department officials visited the Jindi factory in Jindivick on Wednesday, and were satisfied that appropriate food processing, hygiene and monitoring practices were being followed for the manufacture of products from January 7.

Consumers should not eat the recalled products and should return them to the place of purchase for a full refund. Others who have purchased a cut portion of camembert or brie from a supermarket or deli and are unsure of the brand should also dispose of it.

Dr Ackland said “The infection will cause minor or no symptoms in the vast majority of healthy people who may contract it, but is particularly dangerous for some vulnerable groups. Listeria can cause miscarriages in pregnant women and death in elderly people and those with compromised immune systems. Early symptoms of listeria include fever, headache, tiredness, aches and pains.”

If you think you or your family might have become ill from eating affected cheese, you should consult your doctor.

Consumers should check their fridges for recalled cheese. A list of recalled product can be found on the FSANZ website. This list will be updated as further information becomes available.

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