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Mind your business―World Food Safety Day 2019 puts spotlight on good food safety practices

Date: 6/06/2019

Tomorrow's first ever World Food Safety Day is a reminder for food businesses and consumers alike of the importance of good food safety practices. The theme for the 2019 event is 'Food Safety: Everyone's Business'.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand acting Chief Executive Officer Dr Scott Crerar says food safety can't ever be taken for granted.

“There are still more than 4 million estimated cases of foodborne illness in Australia each year and everyone has a role to play in reducing that number," Dr Crerar said.

“Foodborne illness can be deadly, particularly for vulnerable populations like babies, pregnant women and the elderly.

“World Food Safety Day is an opportunity for food producers, businesses and consumers to remember that we all play a role in ensuring the food we make, sell and eat is safe and nutritious in order to sustain life and promote good health."

World Food Safety Day is a joint initiative between the World Health Organization, the United Nations General Assembly, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

For more about World Food Safety Day, see the World Health Organization website information and resources pages.

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