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Call for submissions on voluntary adding vitamins and minerals to nut-and-seed-based beverages

Date: 4/09/2015

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) today called for submissions on an application seeking permission to voluntarily add vitamins and minerals to nut- and-seed based beverages. 

FSANZ Chief Executive Officer Steve McCutcheon said that under the current Food Standards Code, vitamins and minerals can be added to legume-based and cereal-based beverages.  

β€œThe range and amount of vitamins and minerals that can be added and claim limits would be the same as those for beverages containing no less than 0.3% m/m protein derived from cereals,” Mr McCutcheon said. 

Submissions are invited from government agencies, public health professionals, industry and the community.  

All FSANZ decisions on standards are notified to ministers responsible for food regulation. The ministers can decide to adopt, amend, or reject standards or they can ask for a review. 

The closing date for submissions is 6pm (Canberra time) 16 October 2015. 


More information  

A1104 – Voluntary Addition of Vitamins and Minerals to nut-based and seed-based beverages

Information about how to make a submission

Media: 0401 714 265 (Australia) or +61 401 714 265 (from New Zealand)​




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