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Call for submissions on proposed pregnancy warning labels on alcoholic beverages

Date: 4/10/2019

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is calling for public comment on the proposed design and implementation of a mandatory pregnancy warning label for packaged alcoholic beverages.

FSANZ CEO Mark Booth said the draft warning label reflects a significant amount of work and research carried out by FSANZ over the last year.

“The draft warning label features a pictogram and a statement to alert women to the risks of drinking alcohol during pregnancy as well as to raise awareness in the broader community," Mr Booth said. 

“The design process involved a review of existing evidence on the design of warning labels, including features that attract consumer attention.

“We also undertook consumer testing of the warning statement, specifically targeting women of child-bearing age in Australia and New Zealand to provide input."

Mr Booth said the labels are intended to become a mandatory requirement on all packaged alcoholic beverages containing more than 1.15% alcohol by volume to promote the health and safety of unborn children through pregnancy.

“I encourage all interested stakeholders to provide comments by 6pm (Canberra time) 27 October 2019," Mr Booth said.

More information on this proposal including the study findings from the consumer testing are available on our website.

When preparing proposals to change the Food Standards Code, FSANZ follows legislated requirements set out in the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991. All FSANZ decisions on proposals are notified to ministers responsible for food regulation who can ask for a review or agree that the standard should become law.

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P1050 – Pregnancy warning labels on alcoholic beverages 


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