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Call for submissions on mandatory labelling of lupin

Date: 16/06/2016

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) today called for submissions on a proposal to require the mandatory declaration of lupin as an allergen.
FSANZ Chief Executive Officer Steve McCutcheon said FSANZ is proposing to add lupin to a list of allergens that must be declared, either on labels or via information accompanying or displayed with the food, if they are present.
“Like some other legumes (e.g. soy and peanut), lupin has the potential to be an allergen,” Mr McCutcheon said.
“Historically, most of the Australian sweet lupin crop has been used for animal feed or exported. However, because of its high protein and fibre content, it is increasingly being used in food for people. 
“Due to the increase in use in food and some cases of allergic response, FSANZ was asked to investigate whether lupin should be one of the allergens that require mandatory declaration.”
All FSANZ decisions on standards are notified to ministers responsible for food regulation. The ministers can decide to adopt, amend, or reject standards or they can ask for a review.  
The closing date for submissions is 6pm AEST Thursday 28 July 2016.
More information 
Media contact: 0401 714 265 (Australia) or +61 401 714 265 (from New Zealand).​


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