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Legal agreement and terms of use

The Nutrition Panel Calculator (NPC) uses data sourced from published Australian food composition databases and is licensed on the condition that you agree to the terms and conditions below.

Development of the new NPC is almost complete! The new system will be easier to access and simpler to use. We can’t transfer your recipes to the new NPC, so make sure you save a copy by 19 July 2020. This way you can restore them in the new system. Simply select the ‘Backup/restore’ option and save the file to your PC.

We’re continuing to monitor the NPC and will work to quickly restore it when we identify issues. We appreciate your patience.

Due to an upgrade of our security requirements, some newer browsers may block access to the NPC.

Read about how to unblock the NPC on your browser.

To access the calculator you must read and agree to the terms and conditions.

If you agree, a message will appear telling you that you’ve selected a link to an external website. Please select 'OK' to proceed to the NPC.

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If you have any feedback about the NPC, please contact the NPC team.

Terms and conditions of use



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