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Reviews of existing high level health claims already in the Food Standards Code

(October 2017)

FSANZ has completed reviews of four pre-approved food-health relationships underpinning high level health claims:

  • sodium or salt and reduced blood pressure
  • phytosterols and reduced blood cholesterol
  • saturated fatty acids amd reduced total blood cholestorol or blood LDL cholestrol
  • saturated and trans fatty acids and reduced total blood cholesterol or blood LDL cholesterol.  

Read the outcomes of FSANZ's reviews of the currency of existing high level health claims

FSANZ has also completed a systematic review about beta glucan and blood cholesterol and issued a consultation paper regarding this pre-approved food-health relationship in August 2017.

FSANZ is developing a principle-based process to monitor the scientific currency of the pre-approved food-health relationships for both general and high level health claims. The process will be used to determine when it is appropriate to review pre-approved food-health relationships for currency.






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