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Charities and community groups

(November 2016) 

If you are organising an event or you are an official of a charity or community organisation that is selling food, you need to be aware of your legal responsibilities. The information below will help you make sure that food safety issues don’t arise.

What the law says

The food safety standards apply to all food businesses in Australia and include requirements for the handling, storage, transport and display of food.

Read more about what a 'food business' and 'sale' means

In these standards, a food business is identified as a business, enterprise or activity (other than primary food production) that involves:
  • the handling of food for sale, or
  • the sale of food.
Regardless of whether the business, enterprise or activity concerned is of a commercial, charitable or community nature or whether it involves the handling or sale of food on one occasion only.
This definition includes all food activities involved in fundraising, including preparation of the food before it is sold. The definition of ' sale' covers fundraising activities. Food has been sold even if you just ask for a donation.

What information do I need? 

The decision tree below leads you through different types of fundraising events and lists the information you need (next to each question), depending on your activity. The following topics are included:

1. Notification (or pdf 54kb)
Skills and knowledge (or pdf 61kb)
4. Temperature control (or pdf 67kb)
Sausage sizzles and barbecues (or pdf 60kb)
Preparing and cooking food (or pdf 69kb)
Transporting food (or pdf 60kb)
Camping (or pdf 65kb)
Health and hygiene for food handlers (or pdf 69kb)

The event organiser should read the information that is relevant to the type of event and make sure that people helping with the event also read them.

The decision tree below will also help you know which information you need to organise the event.

This is an image describing the decision making process that charity or community groups need to follow to ensure food safety at


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