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Energy labelling of alcoholic beverages

​​​FSANZ is exploring options for energy labelling of alcoholic beverages.

Through an initial evidence assessment completed in June 2021, FSANZ concluded that in Australia and New Zealand: ​

Unlike most other packaged food and beverages, labels on most packaged alcoholic beverages do not provide information about energy content to enable consumers to make informed choices in line with dietary guidelines.

Based on the evidence and with consideration of the Australian and New Zealand dietary recommendations and ministerial policy guidance, FSANZ is now considering options for energy labelling of alcoholic beverages to assist consumers to make informed choices. FSANZ will consider regulatory and non-regulatory options, including on and off label approaches.

Targeted consultation with key stakeholders will be an important component of this work.

FSANZ will also consider linkages between this work and P1049 - Carbohydrate and sugar claims on alcoholic beverages and the review of added sugar labelling.

It is anticipated this second stage of work will be completed in December 2021.​


Both the Australian and New Zealand Dietary Guidelines recommend limiting alcohol intake.

Alcoholic beverages are exempt from the requirement to be labelled with a nutrition information panel, containing energy content information, unless a permitted nutrition content claim about energy or carbohydrate content is made.

In response to a request from the Australia and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation (the Forum) (now the Food Ministers' Meeting), FSANZ is reviewing energy labelling of alcoholic beverages.

FSANZ's initial evidence assessment was completed in June 2021. The purpose of this assessment was to identify and define the problem (if any) regarding energy labelling of alcoholic beverages and determine whether labelling is an appropriate approach to addressing the identified problem. In consultation with key stakeholders FSANZ investigated: ​

  • the consumption of alcoholic beverages in Australia and New Zealand
  • the available evidence regarding consumer value, understanding and behaviour in relation to energy content information about alcoholic beverages
  • the availability of energy content information for alcoholic beverages for sale in Australia and New Zealand
  • approaches used overseas for the provision of energy content information to consumers, including the labelling of alcoholic beverages
  • technical issues associated with the determination of the energy content of alcoholic beverages.

Our evidence assessment report and literature review are available below. 

Evidence assessment                  (pdf 558KB)  (word 278KB)

Literature review                          (pdf 1.5MB)   (word 443KB)

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