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Proposal P1015 - Primary Production & Processing Standard for Horticulture

The purpose of this Proposal was to consider the development of a primary production and processing (PPP) standard for horticulture as part of a series of national food safety standards. After reviewing submissions received on the first call for submissions report and after targeted consultation with stakeholders, the FSANZ Board agreed to abandon the Proposal in favour of non-regulatory measures. 

Abandonment - 21 February 2014 ​(pdf 728 kb)(word 137 kb)  

Call for submissions - 26 March 2012 ​(pdf 280 kb)(word 207kb)
Administrative Assessment Report - 16 January 2012 (pdf 25 kb) | (word 110 kb)

More information

Consultation paper, May 2011 (word 93 kb) | (pdf 94 kb). This paper sought feedback on what approaches are needed to ensure food safety in fresh horticultural produce.

Consultation paper report, December 2011 (word 50 kb) | (pdf 165 kb). This consultation paper report summarises the responses from submitters and outlines the work FSANZ has done and planning to do.

Submissions (zip 11.7 mb)

More information on the work we are doing is available on our horticulture page.


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