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Proposal P1053 – Food Safety Management tools

​Last updated: October 2021

FSANZ is undertaking Proposal P1053 – Food Safety Management Tools (P1053) to consider if there are food safety tools that can help food service and retail businesses to better manage foodborne illness risks.

This work is part of a broader review of chapter 3 and 4 of the Food Standards Code. For more information see our Review of the Food Safety Management Standards.

Targeted Consultation Survey

In November-December 2020, we invited stakeholder participation in a short survey to help us to better understand the experiences of food businesses during COVID-19. The consultation period for this survey is now closed.

The survey sought feedback on how COVID safe management plans and their implementation affected business practices. The survey also sought feedback from food businesses on the food safety tools that are being considered as part of P1053. These are:

  • general food safety training for all food handlers
  • mandatory accredited food safety supervisors, and
  • documented evidence of the management of food handling controls related to potentially hazardous food.

Feedback received from the consultation survey will help inform our public call for submissions report, which is expected to be released in the second​​ half of 2021. This report will outline key risk assessment and regulatory analysis findings. If you are interested in participating in the public consultation please email Standards Management.


Australia has a strong food safety management system that ensures a safe food supply. Despite this, cases of foodborne illness continue to occur. FSANZ recognises that a foodborne illness outbreak from poor food handling practices can have a severe impact on the reputation and the financial viability of a food business.

In June 2018, Minister's responsible for food regulation (the Forum) noted the number of foodborne illness outbreaks in Australia and agreed that there is a need to review food safety risk management for the food service and related retail sectors.

In February and March 2020, FSANZ sought public comment on the food safety management tools under consideration, and whether these should be included in the Food Standards Code.

Specifically, FSANZ sought information on:

  • the potential impact of these measures on businesses, including whether and how these tools could improve food safety outcomes, and
  • any gaps between current practices and practices under the proposed tools.

Consultation documents and a summary of the submissions received by FSANZ are available below.

More information

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