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P1044 – Plain English Allergen Labelling

Last updated: 15 December 2020

There are 11 known foods and ingredients that can cause severe allergic and other adverse reactions in some people. The Food Standards Code requires these to be declared on labels when they are present in food. However, there are no requirements on how these declarations must be made. This can lead to confusion and uncertainty for both consumers and food businesses.

We are working on a proposal to make allergen labelling clearer and more consistent, to help people with food allergies make informed choices and support food businesses to get their labelling right.

Feedback from stakeholder consultations and research tells us that consistency is key – information should be presented on food labelling in a consistent way, including format, wording and location.

We issued a second call for public comment on proposed changes to the Food Standards Code on 29 November 2019 – submissions closed on 27 February 2020.

All consultation documents and submissions received are available below.

Where we are up to with Proposal P1044

We considered the comments received from the second call for submissions and prepared changes that were approved by the FSANZ Board in December 2020. All FSANZ decisions on proposals are notified to the ministers responsible for food regulation, who can ask for a review of the decision or agree that the proposal should become law.

Next steps

The Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation consider the proposal and if no review is sought, the changes will become law in mid February 2021.

Proposal P1044 reports and supporting documents


Approval Report - 15 December 2020​ (PDF 1.2 mb) | (Word 337 kb)


Submissions (Zip 24.7 mb) 

2nd Call for submissions - 29 November 2019 (PDF 926 kb) | (Word 250 kb)



Submissions (Zip 23.9 mb)

1st Call for submissions - 1 March 2018 (PDF 920 kb) | (Word 150 kb) 


Administrative Assessment Report – 6 January 2017 (PDF 110 kb) | (Word 73 kb)

Previous work on plain English allergen labelling

Ministers asked FSANZ to undertake a review of the regulatory management of food allergens. FSANZ published the findings of this review in 2010. Read the review report.

In 2016, FSANZ completed a review into whether consumers experience difficulties identifying the presence of allergens from the terminology used to declare the allergen on food labels. FSANZ consulted targeted key stakeholders involved in food allergen management as part of the review.

Read the full report of the review (PDF 61kb) | (Word 17kb)

Summary of issues raised in submissions (PDF 521 kb) | (Word 100 kb).

Submissions (Zip 16.1 mb)

The results of the review have formed the basis for starting work on Proposal P1044 – Plain English Allergen Labelling.

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