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Poultry Standards

(Australia only)

The Primary Production and Processing (PPP) Standard for Poultry Meat (Standard 4.2.2) is part of a series of national food safety standards.

PPP Standards (which only apply in Australia) aim to strengthen food safety and traceability throughout the food supply chain from paddock to plate.

The standard introduces new legal safeguards for growing live poultry and requires poultry growers to identify and control food safety hazards associated with poultry growing.

Poultry processors will continue to be required to identify and control food safety hazards associated with poultry processing (which includes the slaughtering process) and verify the effectiveness of the control measures.

Campylobacter and Salmonella are the two main bacteria that can be present on raw poultry and cause illness if the poultry is not cooked or handled correctly. The Poultry Standard aims to lower both the prevalence and levels of these two pathogens in poultry meat, thereby reducing the likelihood of illness occurring.

As part of preparations for this standard, FSANZ, in association with federal and state government agencies, coordinated a baseline survey to obtain information on the likelihood of live chickens being contaminated on-farm with Campylobacter and Salmonella, and also the likelihood of their being contaminated after slaughter.

The Poultry Standard (P282) commenced on 20 May 2012, following a two year implementation period.

After this date FSANZ will conduct another poultry survey to determine whether the requirements have been successful in lowering the amount of Campylobacter and Salmonella in raw poultry.

Implementation package

An implementation package for this standard has been developed by the Implementation Sub Committee. You can find the package details here .


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