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Dairy Standard (Australia only)

(January 2015)  

The Primary Production and Processing Standard for Dairy (Standard 4.2.4) is part of a series of Australian food safety standards.

PPP standards aim to strengthen food safety and traceability throughout the food supply chain from paddock to plate.

Standard 4.2.4 sets out a number of food safety requirements, including implementing documented food safety programs for dairy primary production and collection, transportation and processing requirements that protect public health and safety and are cost effective across all jurisdictions.

To help interpret Standard 4.2.4, FSANZ developed a guide in three parts:

Part 1: Dairy Primary Production Requirements

Part 2: Dairy Collection and Transport Requirements

Part 3: Dairy Processing

This guide is primarily for government agencies responsible for enforcing the Standard, though its explanations and examples may also help dairy businesses. However, dairy businesses seeking further guidance on how to comply with the Standard should contact their state or territory dairy authority.

Raw milk cheeses  

In 2012 changes were made to the Dairy Standard (through Proposal P1007), to enable the production and sale of
non-pasteurised hard to very hard cooked curd cheeses.
Read about Proposal P1007 

FSANZ consulted on further amendments to the Standard through Proposal P1022. These changes became law in February 2015.  

Read questions and answers about changes made through Proposal P1022 here.



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