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Primary Production and Processing Standards (Australia only)

Last updated: 29 September 2020

In 2002, the ministers responsible for food regulation asked FSANZ to extend its evidence-based standard-setting process to the primary production sector and provided FSANZ with a Policy Guideline on Primary Production and Processing Standards (PPP standards).

FSANZ has now completed this work. PPP standards (which only apply in Australia) aim to strengthen food safety and traceability throughout the food supply chain from paddock to plate. 

Below is a list of primary production and processing standards developed by FSANZ with the assistance of other Australian government agencies, industry stakeholders and consumer groups.


In December 2013, FSANZ completed its examination of the safety of horticultural produce in Australia under Proposal P1015. This Proposal was abandoned in February 2014 noting that a deeper understanding of the nature (and type of commodity grown) or number of horticultural businesses that are operating without an industry quality assurance/food safety system should be determined before further regulation in this sector is considered. FSANZ is progressing this work this year through targeted stakeholder consultation.

The broader issue of ensuring through-chain traceability for all commodities needs to be addressed. FSANZ plans to commence an examination of traceability requirements for all industry sectors and supply chains in late 2014.






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